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Wire-to-Board connectors in space-critical applications

Secure, precise, space-saving and suitable for automated assembly: These are the characteristics of a modern wire-to-board connector. Because the requirements for smaller and smaller dimensions continue to increase, W+P is expanding its friction lock product family with precisely these small pitches.

The expanded spectrum includes a broad range of wire-to-board connection solutions as crimp versions for most applications. This includes pin and female headers, pin and female housings and contacts and they are on offer as THT or SMT variants. These are available starting at a pitch of just 1.0mm, in horizontal or vertical alignment, mainly featuring locking.

The contact material consists of copper alloy, and the insulator is made of thermoplastic as per UL94 V-0. The indicated components are offered with various finishes, packed as bulk goods, taped or in tubes. Corresponding data sheets provide exact information.

These low-cost systems are used ideally as connectors for PCBs, sensors and current supplies in embedded applications, industrial electronics, in lighting elements, in measuring and controlling technology and in control devices.

Upon request, W+P develops customer-specific wire-to-board solutions. Samples of the products described above are available upon request free of charge: www.wppro.com


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