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Our quality standards

Active quality management at micronetics is not only available on paper. It is consequently applied within the daily business processes and guarantees highest level of quality standards.

Due to our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the implementation and application of a quality management system had been confirmed, which complies with the requirements and standards of this international norm. Our quality assurance manager Mr. Hoernlen takes care that the respective standards are continuously applied.

Active components

Transistors, optocoupler, diodes, rectifiers, LED and more.



Passive components

Capacitors, resistances, sensors, fuses, trimmers and more.

Electro-mechanical components

Cable systems, 3M-cables, plug-in connectors, charging plug-in connectors, cable connectors, clamps and more.

Assortment of goods

As components distributor of leading manufacturers we cover a wide, always on the newest level of the technology sorted product spectrum for the need of your purchase and your development of electronic components and systems.

We prove our achievement strength with an offer of approx. 40,000 articles and constant readiness of delivery of 18,000 articles in our 2,000 qm storage with the most modern logistics.

Our product assortment guarantees for our customers not only high-class quality, but always up to date technology. All our sales employees and product managers are continuously trained by our manufacturers and are able to provide our customers with high level support concerning new technologies and their usage in the field.


Compact SMT B-t-B connector with 1.27mm pitch

W+P: Compact SMT B-t-B connector with 1.27mm pitch

Every millimeter inside electronic units is precious, because a compact interior must be functionally accommodated in the smallest of spaces. W+P delivers the intelligent answer for precisely these limited spatial conditions.

Variable PCB orientation

The Board-to-Board connector series 9025 and 9026 with 1.27mm pitch are characterised by compactness, flexibility and reliability. They represent an expansion of the W+P range of PCB-to-PCB interfaces, which meet the growing demand for a low number of contacts with a small pitch.

Latest solutions from Central

Latest solutions from Central

50V Adjustable Current Limiting Diode: CMJA5050
Single device eliminates the need for additional current regulation

JFETs for various applications, including Pro Audio
Central is committed to maintaining these hard-to-find devices

Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die: CPC04-CPC15
Optimized for exceptionally high temperature applications

Extremely low profile Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
CBRDFSH series features 1.22mm BR DFN surface mount case

Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

W+P: Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

Connector housings essentially fulfil two functions: They ensure a reliable connection between plug and mating part and protect the connector and its inner-life from mechanical, electrical and thermal influences. 

Housings can do even more - thanks to their coded design, they guarantee reverse polarity protection and optional strain reliefs intercept e.g. high forces to protect the cables. In addition, housing locks provide components with a solid hold against unintentional disconnection - thus the most varied types with their interlocking mechanical fixtures ensure reliable fastening.