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Welcome to micronetics, your reliable distributor since 1979.

Our broad product portfolio consisting of state-of-the-art electronic components and systems is completely covering the requirements of your purchasing and developing department.

Our modern logistic service is tailored to your individual necessities.

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Our quality standards

Active quality management at micronetics is not only available on paper. It is consequently applied within the daily business processes and guarantees highest level of quality standards.

Due to our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, the implementation and application of a quality management system had been confirmed, which complies with the requirements and standards of this international norm. Our quality assurance manager Mr. Hoernlen takes care that the respective standards are continuously applied.

Active components

Transistors, optocoupler, diodes, rectifiers, LED and more.



Passive components

Capacitors, resistances, sensors, fuses, trimmers and more.

Electro-mechanical components

Cable systems, 3M-cables, plug-in connectors, charging plug-in connectors, cable connectors, clamps and more.

Assortment of goods

As components distributor of leading manufacturers we cover a wide, always on the newest level of the technology sorted product spectrum for the need of your purchase and your development of electronic components and systems.

We prove our achievement strength with an offer of approx. 40,000 articles and constant readiness of delivery of 18,000 articles in our 2,000 qm storage with the most modern logistics.

Our product assortment guarantees for our customers not only high-class quality, but always up to date technology. All our sales employees and product managers are continuously trained by our manufacturers and are able to provide our customers with high level support concerning new technologies and their usage in the field.



In the current situation on the market with supply chain problems
and bottlenecks in the availability of many suppliers, PANCON proves
that there is another way. Thanks to our manufacturing strategy,
we are also able to deliver very quickly and flexibly in times like these.

E-Bulb Device-integrated fire protection

The E-Bulb is a fire-extinguishing fuse which, in the event of a technical defect automatically extinguishes a fire and permanently cuts off the power supply to the unit. In the smallest version, the mini fire extinguisher E-Bulb is only two centimetres in size and can be hidden behind a 1 euro piece. This makes the E-Bulb the smallest fire extinguisher in the world.

Feeding robots

Modern freestall barns allow cows to move around almost freely. Only when it comes to feeding, they move to their dedicated place. Now the farmer must be fast, since the cattle waits impatiently. Feeding robots can take over this boring but important job from the farmer, required several times a day.