JOB - E-Bulb

Device-integrated fire protection

What is the E-Bulb?

The E-Bulb is a fire-extinguishing fuse which, in the event of a technical defect automatically extinguishes a fire and permanently cuts off the power supply to the unit. In the smallest version, the mini fire extinguisher E-Bulb is only two centimetres in size and can be hidden behind a 1 euro piece. This makes the E-Bulb the smallest fire extinguisher in the world.

Around one in three fires is caused by electricity, many of them in electrical appliances. The new innovative E-Bulb can be built by manufacturers directly into the electronics and protects them from damage around the clock (24/7), even in stand-by mode, precisely when it would actually already be too late. Comparable to the water stop in washing machines, the E-Bulb is part of the fire stop for electrical appliances.

The E-Bulb triggers purely thermally and can therefore be retrofitted without great effort into almost any electronic circuit.

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E-Bulb is a fire extinguishing fuse (CIFEA; UL 60692) it has been tested by MPA Dresden,certified by VdS an is an UL listed component