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PRODUCT PROGRAM Male and female connectors: LAT-CON 127

Whether in Board2Board or Wire2Board applications,
LAT-CON 127 products are attracting an ever-increasing
growing interest in the market.

PRODUCT PROGRAM Male and female connectors: CRIMP-CON

Whether in Wire2Wire or Wire2Board applications,
Crimp-Con products are finding their place more and more often in a wide variety of products.

PRODUCT PROGRAM Male and female connectors: Board-Con

Whenever printed circuit boards are to be interconnected
such products are used. Pancon offers a large number of different solutions which have already proven themselves in a wide range of applications.


In the current situation on the market with supply chain problems
and bottlenecks in the availability of many suppliers, PANCON proves
that there is another way. Thanks to our manufacturing strategy,
we are also able to deliver very quickly and flexibly in times like these.

E-Bulb Device-integrated fire protection

The E-Bulb is a fire-extinguishing fuse which, in the event of a technical defect automatically extinguishes a fire and permanently cuts off the power supply to the unit. In the smallest version, the mini fire extinguisher E-Bulb is only two centimetres in size and can be hidden behind a 1 euro piece. This makes the E-Bulb the smallest fire extinguisher in the world.

Feeding robots

Modern freestall barns allow cows to move around almost freely. Only when it comes to feeding, they move to their dedicated place. Now the farmer must be fast, since the cattle waits impatiently. Feeding robots can take over this boring but important job from the farmer, required several times a day.

The BAV99 dual diode

The BAV99 is a widely used small signal device in dual diode configuration. Its two diodes in series can be used for any kind of signal processing, and two parts can even form a bridge for high speed full wave rectifying.

Crimp connections for the AWG range 32-28

Barrels are crimped onto electrical cables, mainly stranded wires and cable harnesses.
In the process, the cable or wire is pressed into the barrel.
A sector, in which this technique is the preferred one, is the automotive industry.
The special tools are comparatively expensive, but the process can be easily automated.

Product Announcement: 3M™ Mini Stack Connector

3M™ Mini Stack Connector
Easy termination, Easy handling
Enables board space savings & optimized networking

Reflow soldering: Robust THR connectors save time and money

Connectors should be reliable and robust; the processing should be quick and economical.
THR (Through Hole Reflow) components,
which can be soldered – together with SMT connectors – in a single reflow soldering process, meet these requirements. The required
systems and processes for wave or selective soldering are not necessary.

W-t-B connector with small basic grid and locking

Wire-to-Board (W-t-B) connections have the essential function to establish a power
and signal supply between cable and circuit board.
Due to their mechanical stability, they are used for industrial electronics, power and lighting.

Waterproof wire-to-wire connector systems

They are space-saving, waterproof and meet protection class IP67 – the new wire-to-wire connector systems from W+P: The series W521 consists of female, male housings and crimp contacts with a basic grid of 2.0mm.

1.35 A Low-Dropout Positive Voltage Regulators: High efficiency. Small size.

1.35 A Low-Dropout Positive Voltage Regulators: High efficiency. Small size.The LDI1117 seriesby Diotec are positive linear voltage regulators with low dropout and output currents of up to 1.35 A. They offer a typical voltage drop of 1.15 V at 1 A and can be operated at up to 20 V of input voltage (maximum rating).

Long profile female headers

Printed circuit boards are stacked to keep the overall design in electronics applications as compact as possible. Connectors also help to save space: An additional component is superfluous by using long profile female headers. They also protect the contacts from being touched, bridge different heights and provide additional space between the boards.

Diotec: Cost Effective Yet Powerful Load Dump Protection Diodes

Especially in applications without centralized load dump protection, such as several motorbikes, a powerful yet cost effective load dump protection of distributed board electronics is desirable. The typically used package outline DO-218AB is offering a high performance, but is limited to load dump TVS devices and runs therefore in lower volumes only, causing higher device costs. The D²PAK offers a similar case outline but is an absolute industry standard package, used for high volume devices like Rectifiers and Schottkys.

Diotec: Low Rds(on) in Tiny QFN3x3 Package with AEC-Q101 Qualification

The DI040N03PT-AQ comes in the tiny QFN3x3, a so called "leadless" power package where the connections are almost all "hidden" on the bottom side of the device. As such the board space requirement is no more than 3.3 x 3.3 mm². The low Rds(on) of this Power MOSFET device of typically 6 mOhm allows for a Drain current of up to 40 A at 25°C case temperature. Drain-Source voltage can be up to 30 V, with a single pulse avalanche capability of 100 mJ. 

Central: Product Brief CMDFSHC3-100 & CMDFSHC5-100

Central Semiconductor’s CMDFSHC3-100 and CMDFSHC5-100 are 3A and 5A, 100V Schottky rectifiers in the new, low profile (1.25mm) SMC DFN package, utilizing passivated silicon die. These exceptionally energy efficient devices are ideal for reverse polarity protection, boost converters and general rectification applications.

W+P: Rj45 network cable connections in many variants

Attributes such as stable, failure-free, secure, fast and low-loss optimally describe the advantages of wired network connections. They are indispensable in buildings, in private surroundings or in office environments.

With the Series 660, W+P is expanding its range of pre-assembled network cables with an extensive selection of models and lengths, in various colors upon request. This means, that long transmission paths can be overcome with low losses. 

W+P: Low component height in a small pitch

Connecting printed circuit boards in limited space is a challenge in electronic applications. This requires connectors in small pitches and low heights.

The new SMT female header series 6067 has exactly these characteristics. Additionally it is pluggable from above, with a 1.27mm pitch. The two selectable heights are specified as 3.60mm and 4.50mm.