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Crimp connections for the AWG range 32-28

Barrels are crimped onto electrical cables, mainly stranded wires and cable harnesses.
In the process, the cable or wire is pressed into the barrel.
A sector, in which this technique is the preferred one, is the automotive industry.
The special tools are comparatively expensive, but the process can be easily automated.

Product Announcement: 3M™ Mini Stack Connector

3M™ Mini Stack Connector
Easy termination, Easy handling
Enables board space savings & optimized networking

Reflow soldering: Robust THR connectors save time and money

Connectors should be reliable and robust; the processing should be quick and economical.
THR (Through Hole Reflow) components,
which can be soldered – together with SMT connectors – in a single reflow soldering process, meet these requirements. The required
systems and processes for wave or selective soldering are not necessary.

W-t-B connector with small basic grid and locking

Wire-to-Board (W-t-B) connections have the essential function to establish a power
and signal supply between cable and circuit board.
Due to their mechanical stability, they are used for industrial electronics, power and lighting.

Waterproof wire-to-wire connector systems

They are space-saving, waterproof and meet protection class IP67 – the new wire-to-wire connector systems from W+P: The series W521 consists of female, male housings and crimp contacts with a basic grid of 2.0mm.

1.35 A Low-Dropout Positive Voltage Regulators: High efficiency. Small size.

1.35 A Low-Dropout Positive Voltage Regulators: High efficiency. Small size.The LDI1117 seriesby Diotec are positive linear voltage regulators with low dropout and output currents of up to 1.35 A. They offer a typical voltage drop of 1.15 V at 1 A and can be operated at up to 20 V of input voltage (maximum rating).

Long profile female headers

Printed circuit boards are stacked to keep the overall design in electronics applications as compact as possible. Connectors also help to save space: An additional component is superfluous by using long profile female headers. They also protect the contacts from being touched, bridge different heights and provide additional space between the boards.

Diotec: Cost Effective Yet Powerful Load Dump Protection Diodes

Especially in applications without centralized load dump protection, such as several motorbikes, a powerful yet cost effective load dump protection of distributed board electronics is desirable. The typically used package outline DO-218AB is offering a high performance, but is limited to load dump TVS devices and runs therefore in lower volumes only, causing higher device costs. The D²PAK offers a similar case outline but is an absolute industry standard package, used for high volume devices like Rectifiers and Schottkys.

Diotec: Low Rds(on) in Tiny QFN3x3 Package with AEC-Q101 Qualification

The DI040N03PT-AQ comes in the tiny QFN3x3, a so called "leadless" power package where the connections are almost all "hidden" on the bottom side of the device. As such the board space requirement is no more than 3.3 x 3.3 mm². The low Rds(on) of this Power MOSFET device of typically 6 mOhm allows for a Drain current of up to 40 A at 25°C case temperature. Drain-Source voltage can be up to 30 V, with a single pulse avalanche capability of 100 mJ. 

Central: Product Brief CMDFSHC3-100 & CMDFSHC5-100

Central Semiconductor’s CMDFSHC3-100 and CMDFSHC5-100 are 3A and 5A, 100V Schottky rectifiers in the new, low profile (1.25mm) SMC DFN package, utilizing passivated silicon die. These exceptionally energy efficient devices are ideal for reverse polarity protection, boost converters and general rectification applications.

W+P: Rj45 network cable connections in many variants

Attributes such as stable, failure-free, secure, fast and low-loss optimally describe the advantages of wired network connections. They are indispensable in buildings, in private surroundings or in office environments.

With the Series 660, W+P is expanding its range of pre-assembled network cables with an extensive selection of models and lengths, in various colors upon request. This means, that long transmission paths can be overcome with low losses. 

W+P: Low component height in a small pitch

Connecting printed circuit boards in limited space is a challenge in electronic applications. This requires connectors in small pitches and low heights.

The new SMT female header series 6067 has exactly these characteristics. Additionally it is pluggable from above, with a 1.27mm pitch. The two selectable heights are specified as 3.60mm and 4.50mm.

New ROHM Building in Chikugo: Expanding Production Capacity of SiC Power Devices

ROHM has recently held an opening ceremony announcing the completion of a new building at ROHM Apollo's Chikugo plant to enhance the production capacity of SiC power devices. The new building is a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly factory that introduces a number of energy-saving technologies to its production facilities, with 100% of its electricity coming from renewable energy sources.

Diotec: SM3000 High Voltage SMD Diode

The latest development of Diotec addresses this requirement. The SM3000 in Plastic Melf offers the impressive repetitive reverse voltage of 3000V at 1A of average forward current. It allows design engineers to develop cost and space solutions by replacing the ususal series connection of two lower voltage types.

Central: 4.0A, 1000V Bridge Rectifier in BR DFN-A package

Central Semiconductor’s CBRDFA4-100 is a 4.0 amp full wave bridge rectifier mounted in a durable epoxy surface mount BR DFN-A case, utilizing glass passivated chips. Ideal for low profile power supplies and fast chargers in consumer, industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

W+P: Compact SMT B-t-B connector with 1.27mm pitch

Every millimeter inside electronic units is precious, because a compact interior must be functionally accommodated in the smallest of spaces. W+P delivers the intelligent answer for precisely these limited spatial conditions.

Variable PCB orientation

The Board-to-Board connector series 9025 and 9026 with 1.27mm pitch are characterised by compactness, flexibility and reliability. They represent an expansion of the W+P range of PCB-to-PCB interfaces, which meet the growing demand for a low number of contacts with a small pitch.

Latest solutions from Central

50V Adjustable Current Limiting Diode: CMJA5050
Single device eliminates the need for additional current regulation

JFETs for various applications, including Pro Audio
Central is committed to maintaining these hard-to-find devices

Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die: CPC04-CPC15
Optimized for exceptionally high temperature applications

Extremely low profile Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
CBRDFSH series features 1.22mm BR DFN surface mount case

W+P: Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

Connector housings essentially fulfil two functions: They ensure a reliable connection between plug and mating part and protect the connector and its inner-life from mechanical, electrical and thermal influences. 

Housings can do even more - thanks to their coded design, they guarantee reverse polarity protection and optional strain reliefs intercept e.g. high forces to protect the cables. In addition, housing locks provide components with a solid hold against unintentional disconnection - thus the most varied types with their interlocking mechanical fixtures ensure reliable fastening.

Product Announcement: Adjustable Current Limiting Diode by Central

Central Semiconductor’s CMJA5050 is a 50V Current Limiting Diode (CLD) developed to meet design requirements for maintaining a constant current with adjustable current regulation from 50mA to 80mA. This adjustable device eliminates the need to use several individual different CLDs in order to meet the current regulation values required.

Product Announcement: Wide Input Voltage Micro-Power Low Dropout Regulators by DIODES

The AP7383/4 are ultra-low quiescent current (micropower) wide input voltage range (AP7383 up to 30V, AP7384 up to 40V) low dropout regulators.
This combined with their high accuracy (1% tolerance) makes them ideal for use in various USB and portable devices.