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New ROHM Building in Chikugo: Expanding Production Capacity of SiC Power Devices

ROHM has recently held an opening ceremony announcing the completion of a new building at ROHM Apollo's Chikugo plant to enhance the production capacity of SiC power devices. The new building is a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly factory that introduces a number of energy-saving technologies to its production facilities, with 100% of its electricity coming from renewable energy sources.

Diotec: SM3000 High Voltage SMD Diode

The latest development of Diotec addresses this requirement. The SM3000 in Plastic Melf offers the impressive repetitive reverse voltage of 3000V at 1A of average forward current. It allows design engineers to develop cost and space solutions by replacing the ususal series connection of two lower voltage types.

Central: 4.0A, 1000V Bridge Rectifier in BR DFN-A package

Central Semiconductor’s CBRDFA4-100 is a 4.0 amp full wave bridge rectifier mounted in a durable epoxy surface mount BR DFN-A case, utilizing glass passivated chips. Ideal for low profile power supplies and fast chargers in consumer, industrial, scientific, and medical applications.

W+P: Compact SMT B-t-B connector with 1.27mm pitch

Every millimeter inside electronic units is precious, because a compact interior must be functionally accommodated in the smallest of spaces. W+P delivers the intelligent answer for precisely these limited spatial conditions.

Variable PCB orientation

The Board-to-Board connector series 9025 and 9026 with 1.27mm pitch are characterised by compactness, flexibility and reliability. They represent an expansion of the W+P range of PCB-to-PCB interfaces, which meet the growing demand for a low number of contacts with a small pitch.

Latest solutions from Central

50V Adjustable Current Limiting Diode: CMJA5050
Single device eliminates the need for additional current regulation

JFETs for various applications, including Pro Audio
Central is committed to maintaining these hard-to-find devices

Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die: CPC04-CPC15
Optimized for exceptionally high temperature applications

Extremely low profile Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
CBRDFSH series features 1.22mm BR DFN surface mount case

W+P: Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

Connector housings essentially fulfil two functions: They ensure a reliable connection between plug and mating part and protect the connector and its inner-life from mechanical, electrical and thermal influences. 

Housings can do even more - thanks to their coded design, they guarantee reverse polarity protection and optional strain reliefs intercept e.g. high forces to protect the cables. In addition, housing locks provide components with a solid hold against unintentional disconnection - thus the most varied types with their interlocking mechanical fixtures ensure reliable fastening.

Product Announcement: Adjustable Current Limiting Diode by Central

Central Semiconductor’s CMJA5050 is a 50V Current Limiting Diode (CLD) developed to meet design requirements for maintaining a constant current with adjustable current regulation from 50mA to 80mA. This adjustable device eliminates the need to use several individual different CLDs in order to meet the current regulation values required.

Product Announcement: Wide Input Voltage Micro-Power Low Dropout Regulators by DIODES

The AP7383/4 are ultra-low quiescent current (micropower) wide input voltage range (AP7383 up to 30V, AP7384 up to 40V) low dropout regulators.
This combined with their high accuracy (1% tolerance) makes them ideal for use in various USB and portable devices.

W+P: High Current Connectorsystem with 9.0 mm pitch

Connectors are the least noticed parts of an end product. Mostly installed on a PCB, they are usually invisible except for the external connection to the power source and are often underestimated. An electronic device without connectors? Unthinkable!

Completely against the trend of ever smaller pitches and component heights, W+P offers a giant in 9.0mm pitch. It also has its buyers, in this case products from the embedded computing sector and the general current supply of peripheral devices.

Rohm: Impact of outbreak of new Coronavirus in our Philippines factory

We would like to use this opportunity to give an update on the effects of the new Coronavirus on the production status of our Philippines factory.
As a result of the new coronavirus tests at our Philippines factory on July 9, the results showed positive for multiple employees.

W+P: Connectors with circumferential housing shielding

W+P offers shielded connectors as protection against unwanted electromagnetic influences, in order to meet the interference-free signal and current supply requirements of the industry.

The shielding of the series 5692 is achieved by a circumferential metallic housing made of steel, which is connected with a clip to the insulator of the pin header. This shielding plate, which is already integrated, is soldered directly to the PCB and its design satisfies the requirement for the protection of surrounding areas. This means that sensitive signals can be transmitted with low interference and also received just as clearly.

W+P: High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors for Data Rates of up to 28 GB/s

These are used whenever printed circuit boards need to be stacked compactly in restricted spaces. We are talking about B-t-B (Board-to-Board) connectors which, thanks to their low component height, ensure that the PCB distance is negligible. On account of the fact that, in line with the prevailing trend, the increase in the data rate is almost in direct proportion to the decrease in the housing size, W+P’s new B-t-B connectors also offer an optimal solution in this regard.

ROHM: Impact of new Coronavirus spreading on production and shipment at our factories worldwide

We would like to use this opportunity to give an update on the effects of the new Coronavirus on the production statuses of our factories around the world.

We will continue to do our utmost to resume operations as soon as possible, while paying close attention to the effects of the new Coronavirus and the activities of the national authorities. We sincerely ask for your understanding.

Wire-to-Board IDC connectors in two pitches

With the W-t-B IDC series 601 and 602, W+P presents the option of additionally processing larger cable cross-sections. This facilitates faster line connection. The connectors themselves can be installed in the field with ease using a hand tool.

W+P: Tailored cable assembly

When it comes to high quality, reliable and quickly realisable cable assemblies, W+P supports you as a certified full-range supplier with a broad spectrum of diverse technology. Alongside dependable standard cable assembly, W+P clearly demonstrates expertise in the field of tailored solutions.

W+P: Low Profile Compact Connectors

Wide-ranging requirements, but too few solutions in small modular sizes? This changes with the SMT Series 5265 from W+P. It offers a wire-to-board connection in crimp friction- lock technology suitable for both classic W-t-B applications and LED areas.

W+P: Wire-to-Board connector as direct contact

W+P offers a range of Wire-to-Board connectors as board-in solutions, which establish a permanent and simultaneously secure connection in the PCB through direct soldering into the PCB. For stabilisation on the PCB, all contacts are equipped with an additional retention function, in order to ease processing.

Compact Board-to-Board solutions in 1.27mm pitch

As such, the SMT male and female headers of the series 9017 to 9020 offer a diverse range of possible PCB combinations: The vertical and horizontal connection of PCBs and additionally a mixture of a vertical and horizontal variant is also possible, which establishes a right-angled arrangement. Added lateral solder clips ensure secure fastening to the PCB.

W+P: Connector Systems Bring Life to the PCB

Without the suitable components, a PCB is just a lifeless carrier of electronic elements with conductive tracks. Alongside other essential elements, it is the connector system that breathes life into a PCB (printed circuit board).

W+P 5940 Series: Direct connection for high currents

The product portfolio has been expanded with an SMT terminal as a single contact, which ensures a direct connection with simple handling, since additional soldering is not required.
The new 5940 series offers an interface as a detachable connection on LED PCBs and for industrial applications.