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W+P expanded Wire-to-Board Connector Product Line

The expanded spectrum includes a broad range of wire-to-board connection solutions as crimp versions for most applications. This includes pin and female headers, pin and female housings and contacts and they are on offer as THT or SMT variants.

New Micronetics Focus available for download

Four times a year we providing our customers with information about actual trends related to topic “electronic components”. 
You can download the topical focus here.

Expansion of the W+P range of SMT Friction Lock Headers

The 5215 series satisfies the requirements of many applications on PCBs for a precise, secure, compact and space-optimised design.

Micronetics Focus 2/2018 available for download

Four times a year we providing our customers with information about actual trends related to topic “electronic components”. 
You can download version 2/2018 here.

SMT: ZIF connector with folding lock in rear

ZIF connectors (Zero Insertion Force) are able to be used everywhere, where connecting without tools and high retaining forces are required in limited spaces.
W+P offers zero force connectors with its 5566 and 5577 series. Their low pitch of 0.5 and 1.0mm and the low design height of 1.2 and 2.0mm are notable.

3M: HF447 - World's first flat ribbon cable with UL-LSHF certification

It is designed for internal wiring applications and the ideal choice wherever the requirements for fire protection in public buildings are more stringent. The risks associated with smoke and corrosive gases during a fire event will be reduced.

3M: 7700 Series - flat cable - design re-defined

Increased miniaturization with a simultaneous increase in performance is the defining trend in electronics development, fueling the demand for devices that are ever faster, more compact and rich on features. The new 3M Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series, meets exactly these needs.

Combined power/signal mix series

Connectors in mixed technology offer an enormous advantage: They transmit power and control signals together in only one connector. Therefore, the result is space-saving and simultaneously efficient components.
W+P has a comprehensive program of mixed technology series, focused on board-to-board connectors, which includes pin headers and female headers for the PCB.

Pancon: Connector system for printed circuit boards and ribbon cables

Complete range of PCB connectors also for use with ribbon cable

Compatible with other manufacturers

High contact reliability due to double-leg contact

The contact overlapping of 2.5mm guarantees a secure contacting

SMT miniature tactile switch from W+P: extremely small!

W+P is expanding the product line of miniature tactile switches for surface mounting to a series with different purchase options. Due to their low profile, the tactile switches make room on the PCB with their extremely small dimensions and are therefore ideally suited for compact input units such as industrial controllers, etc.

Schaltbau: New double-switch option for various switch series

The double-switch versions allow simplified implementation in applications needing a dualactuation safety concept, either as a redundancy option or for the parallel switching of two functions. Up to now, the customer had to actuate both switches separately. 

SMT-IDC connector from W+P with 4 mm pitch

The combination of the SMT-IDC with 4 mm pitch is exceptional and absolutely ingenious for use in the LED sector: cables can simply be plugged in without stripping and, using insulation displacement contact technology, a gas-tight connection is formed, which can even be cast if necessary.

Insulation foil for snap-action switches

The insulation foil is aimed at applications with higher operational voltages or to reduce the risk of voltage flashover across terminals, and offers customers a ready-made solution in Schaltbau quality. The insulation foil is recommended when mounting the switches on a conductive surface, or when ganging several switches.

W+P's new SMT compact terminal blocks

Space saving on the PCB? – Not a problem with the new 5262 LED connector series from W+P!
With a footprint of just 6 x 7.4mm, the vertical SMT (surface mount technology) compact terminal blocks allow an extremely dense PCB assembly – in a user-friendly manner.

W+P’s new LED connector with cable connection

W+P`s LED connector series 5260 offers great advantages for the PCB layout.
The previous LED connector series 5250, 5251 and 5252 are well suited for space saving board-to-board connections. However, a mating component with the same connector system was missing, which ensures a simple handling to get current supply on the LED PCB. 

W + P is supplementing its portfolio of LED connection terminals with series 5256 and 5257

W + P is supplementing its portfolio of LED connection terminals with series 5256 and 5257.
Modern LED applications require  smaller dimensions for the connection technology and so the new series have been developed in pitches of 2,4 and 3mm as a supplement to the 4mm terminals (5253 series).

W+P presents Sturdy and Powerful Power Pin Headers and Female Headers

Equipped with individually coated power contacts for usage in board-to-board connecting, the new series 458 and 459 support current ratings of up to 9.0A per contact. 
The contacts in pitch 4.19mm also have a compact design, which makes a high packing density in this area of current rating with a PCB distance of only 15.24mm possible. 

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