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Happy Cows Served by Feeding Robots

Modern freestall barns allow cows to move around almost freely. Only when it comes to feeding, they move to their dedicated place. Now the farmer must be fast, since the cattle waits impatiently. Feeding robots can take over this boring but important job from the farmer, required several times a day.

It allows him to spend more time on other, more interesting items. When the robot has finished the job, it returns to the charging station where it gets recharged for the next feeding mission. Diotec's SK36SMA respectively SK36SMA-3G are 60V Schottky rectifiers in SMA offering a forward voltage drop of < 0.7 V or even 0.55V (-3G) at 3A and are used in battery charging stations for feeding robots and other applications. These devices ensure a fast and reliable charging, and keep - in this particular case - the cows happy!

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