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Diodes à la Carte: The BAV99 in Different Varieties

The BAV99 is a widely used small signal device in dual diode configuration. Its two diodes in series can be used for any kind of signal processing, and two parts can even form a bridge for high speed full wave rectifying.

As different as the applications are the requirements on such device: High volume consumer devices require only low voltage levels, but especially low BOM costs. Industrial applications need higher power and voltage ratings, e. g. at 24 V industrial control units. Battery powered electronics must be operated with lowest possible leakage currents to allow for long stand-by times.

Moreover, parts might need full AEC-Q101 qualification, in case of automotive use. Like choosing your favourite meal from a menu card, Diotec offers the BAV99 series from now on in different varieties, perfectly matching your particular needs:

  • The BAV99-C in commercial grade, rather cost attractive and offering 70 V / 2.5 µA / 225 mW

  • The industrial grade BAV99, having 85 V / 1 µA / 350 mW

  • The AEC-Q101 qualified BAV99-AQ, again with 85 V / 1 µA / 350 mW

  • The "high end" voltage version BAV99L, with 100 V / 1 µA / 350 mW

  • The "low leakage" varieties BAV199 and BAV199-AQ, offering 85 V / 5 nA / 350 mW

Any wishes still open? This is just the beginning of further product series offering different parameters but also gradings, from commercial via industrial to AEC- Q101 qualified. We will keep you informed!

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