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Wire-to-Board IDC connectors in two pitches from W+P

W-t-B IDC series 601 and 602

With the W-t-B IDC series 601 and 602, W+P presents the option of additionally processing larger cable cross-sections. This facilitates faster line connection. The connectors themselves can be installed in the field with ease using a hand tool.

The IDC area of the series 601 is designed for a cable cross-section of AWG 28 – 22, with a pitch of 2.54mm. The cable cross-section of the series 602 is configured for AWG 24 – 18, with a pitch of 3.96mm.

The female headers of both series can be supplied as pass-through or end options, with or without coding (601 only). With regards to the pin headers, it is possible to choose between a straight and right-angled version, which is offered with an additional latching option. Protective caps can also be procured to ensure a safe connection and a strain relief (female headers). Data sheets provide clear and detailed information regarding the individual alternatives available to order.
In this way, W+P is offering a versatile system that can replace established products already on the market.

With a copper alloy as contact material, the series differ in terms of current rating and voltage rating: 3 A and 250 V AC with the series 601, 5 A and 600 V AC with the series 602.
The number of contacts ranges from 02 – 16 (series 601) and 02 – 20 (series 602), with the exception of the pin headers of the series 601, which can be procured right up to a 40-pin version.

The insulator material consists of thermoplastic in accordance with UL94 V-2 and UL94 V-0. Safe functionality is guaranteed within a temperature range of -25° C to +85° C, processing takes place through wave soldering.

Free samples and data sheets can also be supplied. An ideal application field is the production of power supply lines.


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