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Interference-free signal and current transmission

Interference-free signal and current transmission

W+P offers shielded connectors as protection against unwanted electromagnetic influences, in order to meet the interference-free signal and current supply requirements of the industry.

The shielding of the series 5692 is achieved by a circumferential metallic housing made of steel, which is connected with a clip to the insulator of the pin header. This shielding plate, which is already integrated, is soldered directly to the PCB and its design satisfies the requirement for the protection of surrounding areas. This means that sensitive signals can be transmitted with low interference and also received just as clearly.

SMT friction lock connectors can be used in industrial electronics. Thanks to the low component height of only 2.35 mm and a pitch of 1.50 mm, they are perfectly suited as space-saving wire-to-board solutions.

The 5692 series is available in a horizontal version with 4 to 8 contacts. W+P not only offers female contacts but also housings for the female contacts as well as pin headers.

At a cable cross-section of AWG 30 to 24 for the crimp contacts, the maximum current rating is of 3.5 A. The contact material consists of copper alloy; the insulator is made of thermoplastic as per UL94 V-0.

The series 5692 is designed for contact resistance < 20 mΩ and reliable functionality is guaranteed in a temperature range from -25°C to +85°C.

Suitable for automated processing, the contacts are supplied on a roll and the pin headers are supplied taped. A sufficiently large Pick&Place area replaces a corresponding pad. Processing is by reflow soldering.


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