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High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors for Data Rates of up to 28 GB/s

Highspeed Board-to-Board Connectors

These are used whenever printed circuit boards need to be stacked compactly in restricted spaces. We are talking about B-t-B (Board-to-Board) connectors which, thanks to their low component height, ensure that the PCB distance is negligible. On account of the fact that, in line with the prevailing trend, the increase in the data rate is almost in direct proportion to the decrease in the housing size, W+P’s new B-t-B connectors also offer an optimal solution in this regard: 

The SMT series have been designed for modern and demanding high-speed applications with up to 28 Gbps, for example, in embedded computing or industrial applications.

Details: The 5055 series has a maximum performance of 25 GB/s. With the 5088 series, you can opt for either the fully loaded 14 GB/s version or the 28 GB/s version, which is fitted in pairs. In this case, the high frequencies can be transmitted differentially. The differential transmission brought about by the paired arrangement of the pins is far less sensitive to interference because the coupled pins each send out a signal with opposing polarity at the same time.

The connectors, which are arranged in the vertical direction, have a component height of     2.05 mm (female) and 4.27 mm (male). This results in a PCB distance of 5 mm. In addition, the dense contact design in pitches of 0.5 mm (5055) / 0.8 mm (5088) allows developers to come up with space-saving configurations that require the PCBs to be stacked within the device.

Created as a box header on the plug side, the special housing geometry of the B-t-B components allows for reverse polarity-protected connection. Here, the ground bouncing is provided by a centralised, electrically conductive surface in the male contact area and by spring contacts on the socket side.

Double-row connectors with 60, 120, 180 (5055) and 40, 80, 120 (5088) contacts are available as fully fitted versions. The following distinctions are made for the versions that are arranged in pairs: 5055 – 40, 80 and 120 contacts, 5088 – 28, 56 and 84 contacts.

Locating pegs take on the task of ensuring flawless alignment at specified positions on the PCB. Both series are suitable for at least 100 mechanical mating cycles without loss of stability. Depending on the configuration, the contacts can be used for a current rating of up to 2 A. In the case of the ground plane, the value is 7.8 A.


The taped delivery option with film pad facilitates fully automatic assembly with processing during the SMT (surface mount technology) production process. The insulator consists of thermoplastic material in accordance with UL94 V-0. Reliable functionality is guaranteed in a temperature range from -55°C to +125°C.


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