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Rj45 network cable connections in many variants

Attributes such as stable, failure-free, secure, fast and low-loss optimally describe the advantages of wired network connections. They are indispensable in buildings, in private surroundings or in office environments.

With the Series 660, W+P is expanding its range of pre-assembled network cables with an extensive selection of models and lengths, in various colors upon request. This means, that long transmission paths can be overcome with low losses. 

Cable connections over long distances
Different cable types (round, flat) have 8-pin RJ45 connectors on both sides, with it the cable routing is straight. PVC overmouldings avoid damage; they are used as strain relief with integrated locking lever protection.

Depending on the version, cable lengths up to 50m are disposable. Shielded versions protect as far as possible against sources of interference. Cable cross-sections can be selected in the range AWG 32 to 24, other diameters on request.

To differentiate and assign more easily, there is a choice of seven cable sleeving colours, grey is available as standard. Overmouldings are color-adapted correspondingly.

The material consists of PVC, optionally halogen-free (LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen).

Application decides on category
W+P`s Ethernet cables are divided into performance classes Cat 5e, 6 and 6A. Cat 5e cables are proven connections with frequencies up to 100 MHz, at transmission rates reaching 1 GBit/s. Significantly more powerful are the higher classes: Cat 6 offers signal rates of maximum    250 MHz and a speed of up to 1 GBit/s. The next class Cat 6A allows 500 MHz and processing speed up to 10 GBit/s. Higher classes have downward compatibility.

The contact surfaces have a standard surface gold plating of 1.27µm. The material of the inner conductor is made of pure copper; the test voltage has a value of 300 V AC.

Detailed information on cable diameter, cable shape, bending radius etc. is provided in the data sheet.

Wide range of applications possible
Fields of usage are all applications around network connections, to be found in buildings and communication technology in private such as office areas. 

Other network specifications and colors are available upon demand. 

The series 660 completes the existing range of RJ-45 cable assembly of W+P, to which also belongs the series WA610 as waterproof alternative.

One sample of Series 660 as patch cable is deliverable on request; data sheets are ready for downloading: www.wppro.com.

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