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Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

Stable hold thanks to locks on the housing

Connector housings essentially fulfil two functions: They ensure a reliable connection between plug and mating part and protect the connector and its inner-life from mechanical, electrical and thermal influences. 

True all-rounder

Housings can do even more - thanks to their coded design, they guarantee reverse polarity protection and optional strain reliefs intercept e.g. high forces to protect the cables. In addition, housing locks provide components with a solid hold against unintentional disconnection - thus the most varied types with their interlocking mechanical fixtures ensure reliable fastening. Available options in this regard include snap-in hooks, flap locks, lever systems, screw connections or bayonet locks.

Space-saving pitch

With the SMT 1251 Series friction lock, W+P presents a further product with a locking option from the W-t-B environment: Snap-in hooks on the female housing take over the task of securing; female contacts and box headers complete the system.

The pitch is a space-saving 1.25mm. There are 10, 20, 30 and 40 contacts, in a double row and in vertical version available. The accepted conductor cross-section is specified as AWG 32 - 26.

The insulator consists of thermoplastic material in accordance with UL94 V-0. Reliable functionality is guaranteed within a temperature range of -25° C to +85° C, processing takes place through reflow soldering.

Free samples are in stock, data sheets are available for download. W+P offers further series with locks, to be found on the homepage: www.wppro.com (un)

* W-t-B (wire-to-board), W-t-W (wire-to-wire) and B-t-B (board-to-board)

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